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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the goal to annex as much land as possible for development?

No. It is critical to weigh the pros and cons of each annexation project. Short-term and long-term costs associated with serving new areas are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Our surrounding agricultural lands are key to our history, culture and regional economy.

How much does it cost to annex into city limits?

In most cases, only a survey of the property is required. Advertising and administrative fees are currently waived by the city.

What is the difference in property taxes?

Unincorporated Millage Rate 18.0418 mils

Plant City Millage Rate 18.2988 mills

*Based on a value of $175,000, the difference in property taxes is only $45 per year

What is the process to annex my land?

Interested property owners can contact the city’s planning and zoning department to request an application. The planning and zoning staff will explain the requirements and process for annexation.

Will Plant City honor Hillsborough County agriculture related exemptions?

The City of Plant City is committed to ensuring a seemless transition for land owners applying for annexation.

Do I have to connect to city utilities if I annex or can I remain on well and septic?

The City of Plant City will not require residents to connect to municipal services upon annexation into the city. When existing septic systems fail, a city permit is required. The city will evaluate each permit application on a case by case basis.

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