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Steve Hurley

Steve Hurley

Steve Hurley, Stingray Chevrolet, serves as Secretary & Treasurer of the Plant City EDC.

Why did you get involved in the EDC?

When I was contacted about the idea of participating in the EDC, I was immediately interested. When I heard how the plan was to not only foster economic development of new business, but to support growth of our existing businesses in Plant City I was extremely intrigued.

Describe the impact of the EDC:

I believe we are in the perfect position for economic growth in our community that will bring not only new tax revenue, but the jobs required to build commercial sites, jobs for the business once they get started, and potentially other related new business to support the specific economic growth. Economic growth is absolutely necessary for communities to survive and improve. Housing will naturally come along with new jobs in the city. These new residents will consume goods and services, which in turn promotes further growth.

Outlook for your company:

My business will absolutely be impacted in a very positive way as we grow here in Plant City. Being a very visible retail oriented business, we truly expect this new growth will create greater demand for the good and services that we provide. Our future success is very dependent on economic growth here in Plant City. As we see businesses sprout up around the I-4 and Park Road area, we believe shoppers will be attracted to this new area of retail growth.

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