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Yvonne Fry

Yvonne Fry

Secretary & Treasurer

Yvonne Fry

Yvonne Fry, Owner, Fryed Egg Productions, serves as Secretary & Treasurer of the Plant City EDC.

Why did you get involved in the EDC?    

I have been involved with the Plant City EDC since the beginning because I believe in the potential of our community to retain and attract great jobs and innovation.  Our organization is focused on ensuring a high quality of life for those who live, work and play in Plant City, and it excites me every day to be part of helping to build opportunities for our citizens.

Describe the impact of the EDC:  

The impact of the Plant City EDC is far-reaching.  Some near-term results include the businesses announced who have relocated or expanded in our community.  The long-term impact is what motivates me the most: that Plant City reaches its fullest potential as a community with great opportunity for everyone.  My hope is that my own children will see Plant City as a place of opportunity where they would want to live and work – that’s success for me.

Outlook for your company related to growth of economic opportunities in PC:

Fryed Egg Productions is deeply committed to the success of Plant City’s people and organizations.   Our client mix includes businesses and organizations who help create the quality of life and services here that make our town such a special place.  We believe the future is very bright for Plant City and enjoy working with all those who are passionate about cultivating the sense of place and community that define our town.  It’s a remarkable time of transformation and creativity here and I just marvel at the diverse people and talents that continue to step forward to build our capacity.

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